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Type of Recreational Vehicles we insure:

Motorhome insurance

Motorhomes are basically your classic RVs. They usually have a bathroom and areas for eating, lounging, and sleeping. They’re permanently attached to a chassis or van and powered by an engine.

Class A motorhome

These are the largest, most luxurious, and most expensive, ranging from 21-40 feet in length and sleeping up to eight people. Class A motorhomes sometimes look like buses and typically come fully updated with high-end kitchens/living areas and electronics or entertainment. No worries if you have expensive belongings inside because you can get protection for them with Class A Motorhome Insurance Policy.

Class C motorhome

We also offer class c motorhome insurance for the mid-range options that are usually about 20-33 feet in length, sleeping up to six people comfortably. Class C’s are commonly referred to as mini motorhomes or “cab overs” because the living area extends over the cab (where the driver seat is) for extra living space.

Class B (camper van)

Commonly referred to as “camper vans,” and are usually the smallest and most economical, ranging 16-21 feet in length and sleeping up to four people. Also, these motorhomes typically have limited amenities and lower-end electronics/entertainment. But we’ll still insure your belongings inside with your class B or camper van insurance policy.

Campers and travel trailer insurance

Campers and travel trailers do not have a motor or engine and are towed by other vehicles. Many types still provide living areas (think RVs without the engines), but some are only used for hauling cargo.

Conventional trailer

These are designed mostly for vacationing/camping use and can range from 12-40 feet in length and in the quality of amenities (some can be very luxurious while others are more economical). Most do include living areas with bathrooms, dining, and sleeping.

Fifth wheel trailer

These are similar to conventional trailers but have a raised section in the front above the fifth wheel (the area where it connects to a tow vehicle) to create extra living space. These range from 21-38 feet in length and in the quality of amenities.  

Pop-up tent trailer

These are usually smaller, only ranging from about 12-23 feet (when opened), and built with collapsible sidewalls for easier towing. Pop-ups usually have very few luxuries and don’t include bathrooms. 

Mounted truck camper

These basically sit on top of a truck or other hauling vehicle and can be perfect for first-time RVers, as they’re more economical, compact and easy to haul. These are usually about 18-21 feet long and sleep up to six people. 

Toy hauler and horse trailer

These are much larger trailers that are designed for transporting horses, ATVs, or other large cargo.

Cargo/utility trailer and horse trailer

These are smaller trailers designed only for carrying either one horse or smaller cargo and not for occupants.

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